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Do you do non-religous funeral services?

Do you do memorial services in private homes?

Do you do graveside ceremonies?

Do you recommend using the services of a funeral home?

Q: Do you do non-religous funeral services?

I do. Everyone deserves to have a funeral service that is respectful, memorable and meaningful. When I do a non-religious service, my main job is guiding the family through ways to express their grief and sharing their memories during their important time together. My preparation doing other funerals has prepared me to be able to do this well also.

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Q: Do you do memorial services in private homes?

Yes, I do. Sometimes the family cannot afford a service in a funeral home - or just prefers to do something at home. Some of the nicest services I've been involved with were in private homes. It can be more personal that way, and often more relaxed too. It all depends upon what the family wants.

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Q: Do you do graveside ceremonies?

Yes, I have done many such ceremonies at Calverton & Pinelawn Memorial Cemeteries and at Green Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn – just to name some of the larger ones. The funeral directors usually appreciate when clergy accompany them to the cemetery for the committal, and it defintely makes for more effective "closure."

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Q: Do you recommend using the services of a funeral home?

I definitely do. Just try to choose wisely. A good funeral home staff will care for you and help you in many ways that you'll appreciate. It's not a time when you want to be in charge or making a lot of decisions. They've been through this, and they bring a lot of expertise - and usually heart, to the process. I've seen what happens sometimes when families try to short circuit the grieving process - either to rush things or to save some money. It's usually not a pretty thing - nor a very healthy one. It's good to take the time to grieve, and a good funeral director can walk with you through it all.

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