Blooming Gowns: A Flowery Trend

Brides who are choosing their dress based on the 2011 lines are getting garden inspired. Many designers are using their green thumbs to create lightly colored, floral inspired gowns. Some have silk petals or embroidered buds, while others are going more whimsical, shaping the whole dress as a flower.

So how can you get in on the trend? Remember, brides are not anchored to the old, staple "white dress" anymore. Pastel colored wedding gowns are becoming a mainstay in many bridal galleries. A light green, nude, or champagne gown can provide an earthy pallet for a floral theme. Dresses of the palest pink or pearl can offer a more flowery feel.

Many of the new floral designs are using their skirt as a garden, with a rosette and cabbage rose covering, giving a textured, feather look. This is a great element to look for when finding a similar gown. Look for a feathery, layered skirt. Straps are also an asset, giving room for an added delicate touch of customized blooms.

If you can't find a dress with the floral embellishments that you desire, designers are usually willing to make design changes to meet your specifications. Simply adding embroidered designs to the bodice or chiffon rosettes to the skirt can completely revamp a gown. If the designer is unable to make changes, most bridal salons offer their own embroidering and strassing.