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Wedding Officiant on Long Island and in New York City

Congratulations On Your Wedding!
I would be honored to be part of your special day.

I’m excited for you, and I hope if you're planning a Long Island or New York City wedding, that I can be a part of your very special day.

Have you ever talked to a friend who had a bad experience with her wedding? We’ve all heard the disappointing accounts: “The person who conducted our wedding was rude to guests, inconsiderate, cold, unprofessional, apathetic, boring, or came very late.” No one wants “Reverend Lovejoy” from the Simpsons for their wedding officiant, but sometimes it happens.

And this relates to why I love to do what I do. I work with couples to save them from bad experiences – so that they will have “no regrets” about their wedding ceremony. I want the bride to say, “Pastor Bill was ... professional, personable, interesting, organized, easy to work with ... and fun. If we had to do it over again, we’d choose him again!” Something like that. I want to work with you to make sure that one of the most important days in your life will overflow with only good memories. Every bride deserves a great wedding – no exceptions.

(I have lots of great reviews online, but you might be especially interested in my prominent placement on They’re not connected to any of the sites we officiants pay to be featured on, so my high ranking there means a lot!)

Please call me today to check on my availability for your Long Island or New York City wedding.


More About Pastor Bill Britton

I’m an ordained minister. That means, among other things, that I believe that even if your ceremony is non-religious, that when you join your life to another person in marriage – it’s a sacred moment. Few things you’ll ever do will have the significance of this act. The purposes of heaven and earth intersect when two individuals become one – and approaching it this way impacts the ceremony in a subtle but significant way. I love to reach out to people at important moments in their lives and watch God do something good. I want to be of real help – to channel God’s compassion and blessing – and who doesn’t need that? A wedding ceremony is not an outdated ritual or a legal formality – it’s so much more. I promise you I’ll be keeping that in mind on the day that I do your wedding.

I do non-denominational Christian and non-religious (civil) ceremonies on Long Island, in Westchester, and in New York's five boroughs. I would be honored to be part of your special day! (I also officiate at vow renewal and baby dedication ceremonies, and at funerals.)

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Pastor Bill serves families in the Greater New York area including Long Island (Nassau County and Suffolk County), Queens, Brooklyn, New York City (Manhattan), and Westchester County. If you’re thinking of using a Judge for your wedding, or a Justice of the Peace – or if you’re thinking of going to city hall for your wedding – or perhaps you’re working on a last minute wedding plan – in any case, Pastor Bill would love to speak with you. Pastor Bill is also available for families that have suffered the loss of a loved one and are planning a funeral.

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