Not Just a Groomsman: The Duties of a Best Man

Although many gentlemen may often take a backseat at weddings, letting the ladies have their way and glory, there are still important duties for the men in a wedding to take on. No not just the groom, either. As a best man, many feel that their position is solely traditional; nothing more than a glorified groomsman. That assumption is wrong. Just like the Maid of Honor; the Best Man has responsibilities to uphold for the groom to make his day turn out the best possible. Remember, even though most men like to pretend the wedding is all for the bride, the groom is making a life long commitment, too. His big day, then, is just as important as hers.

I understand that these things aren't really discussed. We get it; weddings are usually a "girl" thing. To help you out, here is a list of what to expect from your title and the responsibilities it holds:

-As the Best Man, or BM, it is your responsibility to help the groom pick out and buy/rent his formalwear for the wedding. Once he has his formal wear chosen, you are then to coordinate with the other groomsmen to get their rentals in order.

-As BM, you are to act as the advisory and aide to the groom. This will need to be before, during, and after the wedding. As he gets ready you should be there for last minute issues.

-Organize the bachelor party to celebrate the groom's transition from bachelor to husband. This may seem like a daunting proposition (between planning and the finances) but don't worry too much. The other groomsmen will be happy to help plan the bash, and everyone going will help split the cost.

-You will be required to attend the rehearsals, but see that as an opportunity to know where you're going to stand ahead of time. The rehearsal also lets you know who you will be walking down the aisle with, as well.

-You will need to make sure all of the other groomsmen are up for their duties, and know where they stand during the ceremony.

-On the big day you will stand beside the groom at the altar. You will also be in charge of holding the bride's ring until the exchange of vows. Make sure to have a secure place to keep the ring that will be easy to access.

-Along with the maid of honor, you will need to sign as a witness on the marriage certificate.

-You will be announced with the maid of honor at the reception, and will most likely dance with the maid of honor during the wedding party dance.

-As BM, you are to make the first toast to the new bride and groom at the reception. This is the most important duty of your title. Remember: making the crowd laugh is always acceptable and encouraged, but never at the risk of the couple. Don't bring up any old dirt, and certain no new dirt from the bachelor party!

-As BM, you will collect all of the gift envelopes for the couple, and most likely be trusted to either deposit them or hold them until the happy couple returns from their honeymoon.

-Lastly, it is your responsibility to organize the decoration of the getaway car of the bride and groom. If there is a hired limo service, please verify that it is and what is allowed.


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