Keeping the Honeymoon in Your Romance

There is nothing more beautiful than when you start a new relationship with the person of your dreams. I mean, hey, it's called the Honeymoon phase for a reason. They are wonderful, they make you feel fantastic, and everything that you do together seems new and exciting. But there is the reality that someday your romance is going to turn from an all encompassing flame to a healthy warm smolder. The change is healthy and natural. The trick is to keep that smolder and the excitement alive at the same time.. If you and your partner are able to keep enjoying one another, that smoldering warmth will last a lifetime.

There are often problems in a relationship because once both parties settle in and get comfortable they think that they don't need to "try" anymore. That is the opposite of true. To keep a romance alive both sides need to continue consciously nurturing the relationship.

A big mistake that couples make when they leave the honeymoon phase is to stop planning dates together. When couples are first initiating, they make date nights to go to the movies, out to dinner, or seeing the local sights. Once couples are settled they don't think that date nights are necessary anymore. and in turn there is nothing to look forward to! When you set a date night it gives both sides something to anticipate and look forward to! The anticipation also keeps you thinking of one another all week long.

Take the time to touch one another. Make sure to get a kiss goodbye in the morning, or to rub his shoulders just because you can. The sensation of touch goes a long way in reminding someone that you love them. Of course make sure to tell them that you love them, too. When you tell them with a touch, though, it seems to sink a little bit in deeper.

Make sure to use quality time to nurture the love. Don't just spend this time with your significant other, use this time to truly get to know them and what they're about. What do they really do at work all day? What interests them most? What do they really dream of and think about? When you truly take the time to understand them, your partner will feel respected and more understood. This leads to easier and freer communication. They know that you honestly care about what they say.

In today's modern world of technology, use what is available to you to your advantage. When you are thinking of your partner send them a text message or an email. If you are feeling the mood, send them a long message declaring your undying love. They will have it in an instant, and it will let them know that they are on your mind and in your heart

A common romance killer is focusing on what your partner is no longer doing, rather than what they are. So he used to show up regularly with flowers and now you're lucky to see them on your anniversary. What about how he still holds the door for you, or how she will sit and watch the game with you (when she really hates sports)? Think of all the small tokens of appreciation and affection that you are receiving. Make sure to see your glass as half full, rather than half empty.

Lastly, always keep the passion alive. Many couples forget to leave time or make time for intimacy. Too often it is put low on the scale of importance. The best part of a long term relationship is your comfort with one another. Used to your advantage it allows a couple to be truly intimate with one another. When nurtured, intimacy can keep you close together. Like anything else, though, without the proper care it, too, will fade away.


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