When it comes to decorations for your nuptial celebration, one of the biggest investments that you make is on the beautiful flowers that accent every aspect. With such a large investment, you want to make sure that you get the very best flowers and values available to you. Just like when picking out any other vendor for your wedding, you will need to do your homework for your florist and flowers, too.

To make sure that you have the flower designer that suits you best: go to see as many florists that you have time for. If you do, you are much more likely to find a florist that you are comfortable with and who has a similar personality to you. With your florist having a similar personality, you will better be able to express to them your vision for your wedding flowers. They will be able to express your vision, and elaborate on it a little to make sure it fits the rest of your décor.

Remember, though, that no matter how good they are, florists are not mind readers. If you have very specific requests, or exact bouquet designs, that you want, bring samples for your florist. Bring different clips of different bouquets that have inspired your preparations, and your florist will work with the pictures to make a similar bouquet/arrangement that is your own.

Trusting your florist is another important aspect to getting your perfect wedding flowers. Although you have the vision and know exactly what you want, you need to give your florist a little artist room to make your flower pieces work perfectly.

For the freshest flowers, take into account the time of year and your location before picking out your flower selection. If you pick flowers from your area that are in season you will have your best bet of getting the freshest flowers. They will also be a better value than the hothouse flowers, which are out of season. When a florist is able to work with seasonal flowers, they have the ability to choose the prime flowers for each bouquet, sometimes even coming from their own gardens.

source: LIWeddings, liweddings.com