Just because you have decided on a destination wedding doesn't mean that you need to travel half way across the world. There are many amazing locations right here on the east coast.

Massachusetts is a great destination for the couple who wants a romantic, traditional wedding. With picturesque settings from Cape Cod to Nantucket, Massachusetts adds historical ambiance to your nuptials. It is also a more practical location for your guests. The closer your destination wedding is, the more likely your guests will be able to afford the time and money it takes to attend. The area is very popular with tourists so there are plenty of different accommodations for the couple and their guests to choose from.

Rhode Island, another close location, is quickly becoming a destination wedding hotspot. With the panoramic views of Block Island and the City-on-the-Sea feel of Newport, Rhode Island is an easy getaway that is well worth investigating. Known for their overwhelming hospitality, local venues and vendors are said to be easy to work with and very accommodating. This makes it easy for Long Island couples to plan a destination wedding right from home.

For a southern feel, another popular wedding destination is South Caroline. You can take advantage of the warm, sunny beaches of Myrtle Beach or take in the history of the plantation styled Charleston Mansions. South Caroline provides a wedding destination dripping with southern hospitality, charm, and history.

For a southern wedding with a little more pizzazz (and possibly scandal) Louisiana may be the state for you. Another state brimming with southern welcome and hospitality, it also offers a more decadent overindulgence for an unforgettable nuptial. From the sizzling streets of the Baton Rouge to the fan boats in the bayous, Louisiana offers a more darling experience for the less traditional couple.

For the couple that is thinking truly tropical for their wedding there is no place better than Florida. If you want all the sand and sunshine of the Bahamas, but are worried about getting your guests to make the trip with you, Florida is perfect. It's ideal for a tropical location on the east coast, still within the states. Couples can choose from the sizzling city sites of Miami, the family fun of the theme parks, or the paradise experience of the Florida Keys. Florida has a lot to offer almost any couple.


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