In the overwhelming world of modern weddings, some brides are jumping the gun and tossing away classics. Some seeming cost savvy brides are skipping over the tradition of a wedding video, figuring that the end result will just be one less bill. What brides aren't realizing though is that by skipping over the wedding video they are denying themselves one of the most tangible, lasting memories from their wedding.

Most couples still rightly hire professional photographers to capture the special moments of their big day. That's exactly what a photograph is, though, a captured moment. Video is capturing life, allowing you to relive the events through motion. Sometimes the picture of a bride dancing with her father just cannot emit the emotion that it holds. A video draws you to watch them dance and relive the sentiment of a father kissing his baby girl's forehead one last time before he hands her off to a beaming, new husband.

Many couples fear being followed all day, though, afraid that the constant cameraman and lights will ruin the atmosphere. This is where hiring a professional comes in. A professional videographer knows how to blend in with the crowd, capturing the most treasured candid moments that never could have been planned.

A professional also knows how to make your wedding video shine. Trying to videotape your own wedding/event, or having guests do so, leads to hours of wasted footage, not to mention angles which leave most of the video awkward or unflattering. Although your videographer will have the same hours of wasted footage, they will professionally edit the film and cut out any filler that draws away from the memories.

With today's technology, having a wedding video made also allows you to share your special day with friends and family everywhere, especially those who were unable to make it. You no longer have to pop your video into your TV and watch it there. Modern videographers provide multiple formats for your video to be saved in. You can still pop it into your TV, or you can slide it into your computer and sharing clips with the world.

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