Your wedding photographs are going to capture your wedding in a time capsule to be remembered for generations to come. Is that enough to make you nervous: it should be! In all of the wedding magazines and catalogs you see stunning photos of flawless models, and you'll never see a single real, unflattering shot. That's because they have professional directing their every move, making sure to only capture the beauty and rapture of a radiant bride.

You, too, will have a professional by your side on your big day directing you in all the same ways making sure even the least-natural photo taker looks perfect and poised. But if that is not enough to still your photo shy nerves, here are some tips on making sure almost all of your photos are model flawless.

For your solo photos, there are a couple ways to make sure you are always looking your best. To start, make sure to keep one of your bridesmaids by your side (out of camera) at all times. Have her carry on a conversation with you, naturally, the whole time, and make you laugh as often as possible. This will keep you naturally at ease with a genuine smile on your face.

When facing the camera alone make sure to never face the camera straight on. A slight angle will be much more flattering to any figure. As do photos from different height: have your photographer hop up on a chair or bench for a couple of shots to make sure you cover all of your angles.

If you're nervous, as you will and should be, just let yourself be nervous. You will find that some of your most touching photos from your wedding are the ones of you shedding a tear with your mother or you bubbling over with nervous giggles. A plastered smile will not bring the same emotion to your portraits.

For when it comes time for photos of you and the hubs there are also a couple ways to make sure your photos are perfect and long lasting. To start, ask for a few moments alone with your husband before the formal shoot. Discuss, giggle, hug as you would naturally and have your photographer snap shots from a distance. These natural photos of a new husband and wife will steal your heart your heart away in there sincerity.

In the same lines, go for a stroll together, hand in hand with a photographer leading or following. Natural movements without posing will make the perfect photo. And don't forget to kiss him! Granted it's not the most comfortable move with a camera following, but just meld into the moment and get lost in it. You will make that moment last a lifetime.


source: liweddings