There are so many brides who dream of their big day in lights: with glamorous hair, make-up, and all eyes on her like Cinderella at her ball. For these brides, nothing is more exciting than having your very own stylist to primp and polish them for their wedding! There are other brides, however, who fear nothing more than being all dolled up and stared at. What if she doesn't like the make-up (which she probably never wears) and just doesn't feel comfortable and natural?

Never fear, because you are not alone! Professional make-up artists are fantastic when it comes to making a bride (of any kind) feel beautiful. They have a passion for their trade, and have come up with all of their own tricks of the trade along the way to help brides look and feel spectacular on their most important day!

To help advise and guide our brides in this way, I turned to Stacy Doolan of About Face Artistry, one of our very own make-up artists from, for any tips or advice that she gives to brides who consult with her about their weddings.

First and foremost, even if you are not a make-up wearer, foundation on the day of your wedding is an absolute must! It can be applied very lightly with a brush, starting from the center of your face and buffing outwards. This keeps if from looking "cakey" or overdone.

If you make sure that a primer is put down. It goes on before any other make-up: it will hold your look in place and smooth out your skin so that make-up will not sit in any lines. This will keep your make-up looking flawless, and natural, all day long.

Although moisturizers will always be your friend, stay away from any SPF moisturizers or primers on the day of. When flashes go off, if you are wearing SPF, your skin will appear as a lighter tone on the film.

To produce a natural glow for your big day, sleep with a humidifier on for at least the week before. This will hydrate your skin and hair, giving you a fresh, rejuvenated look for your wedding.

Once it comes to picking the rest of your actual make-up, make sure to stick with a natural palette of tones:
For eyeliner: don't line the bottom of your lid. Just have your upper lid, under your lashes, lined to create a warmth of lashes in pictures.

For your eye shadow: browns and plum tones will give you bright, popping eyes while still working with your skin's tones to create a fresh, natural look.

For just-kissed lips: wear a soft berry shade of lip gloss to keep a light blush of a tone. If you are going to have your lip liner touched up, brush it softly across your lips to make the gloss last longer. If you don't want to worry about re-touching your liner just leave it out!

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 source: liweddings