As a first time maid of honor, when it comes to the bridal shower, I have no idea where to start! Do you invite people first? Do you first arrange the event? Where, how, when: and the questions roll on. When trying to arrange a bridal shower a good place to start is, well, at the very beginning! What kind of theme/shower do you want to have?

The old fashion shower has been revamped as of recently and there are many different themes that can be included in a bridal shower. The days of sitting in a living room with finger sandwiches and gifts is a thing of the past! Just like extravagant weddings; bridal showers are getting a life and a kick of their own.

What if your bride has a sweet tooth? Then a Chocolate Bar shower may just be the theme for you! A great dessert shower, a chocolate party does not need to include a lunch or dinner. With desserts and candies as your decorations, foods, and favors every attendant will leave with a chocolate buzz and a fulfilled hankering. Top your desserts off with a chocolate martini or mudslide for a guarantee that your shower will be a hit!

If your bride has more of a "wine and cheese" personality, consider a wine gift basket shower. For this shower, attendants would bring gift baskets with bottles of wine and alcohol for the bride to use for her future hosting as a "Mrs." For during the party, there should be bottles of champagne and flutes for the maid of honor to pop open and offer a toast. Each member of the bridal party should attach little notes and poems to their bottles for the bride to use on special events; first Valentine's Day, first child, first anniversary. These notes and poems should be read aloud as they are presented to the bride.

For a unique twist on a sit down meal try a sushi shower. If you have a trendy, modern bride who you know loves the Japanese cuisine, try this simple shower idea. Paper lanterns and Chopstick sets can come in all colors and make for festive decoration. Order multiple, intricate platters from the bride's favorite sushi spot to provide the meal. Make sure to order plenty of simple rolls that don't include raw fish, also, for any squeamish guests who aren't quite as with it. For favors, Japanese incense sets are very popular, as well as Japanese place settings (usually a plate, sauce plate, chop sticks, and holder), depending on the size of your party. Lastly, what would a sushi shower be without sake! A tradition, and strong, rice wine beverage, sake can be found in most any liquor store. Sake cup sets can also be found wholesale online.

Lastly, for the bride who has everything, except an inkling of how to cook, why not set up a cooking bridal shower. When you send out invitations, you can also include recipe cards. That way each guest can start the bride-to-be out right with the recipe for their favorite dish. Instead of having the shower catered, set up a private cooking lesson. There are many companies who specialize in bridal shower cooking classes, or you can always scout out head chefs on your own. The shower will teach everyone how to cook a yummy meal, while helping your bride learn to step away from the take out menu.


source: liweddings