Usually, when it comes to planning your wedding, not everyone you hold near and dear is, well, near. In most weddings there are important and loved guests who have to make the trek from distant places to be there for the big day. When it comes to traveling guests, extra thanks and preparation needs to be put into their wedding experience. Here is a list of some does and don'ts when it comes to your out of town guest.

DO make sure to look for accommodations for out of town guests at least six months in advance.
Depending on where you are getting married, you may have a limited choice for lodging, so you want to make sure that everyone will have a place to stay when they arrive for the weddings.

DO also make sure that the lodging is within a short distance of your ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, and local airport, if possible. If guests are flying in, there may be scant transportation to drive them a long distance to each location. If your reception location has or is part of a hotel, that may be the ideal location to arrange your lodging.

DO have options for your guest to choose for accommodations. Especially if there is airfare involved, your guests may need to choose a more economical room than the reserved "Executive Suites." Make sure that your guests can pick a suite if they want to, but have the option, not the necessity.

DON'T forget to ask your guests to make their reservations at your chosen accommodation as early as possible. Hotels and lodging may require commitments as far as 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding to guarantee the rooms.

DON'T feel obligated to pay for the lodging of your out of town guests. The only exception is for your bridal party. Many couples will pay if their wedding parties have to travel (but that doesn't include pay-per-view and room service).

DO have a welcome pack or gift bag for your guests waiting in their rooms. Also, make sure to include a map to the ceremony and reception locations.

DO greet your guests at check-in with personalized notes to thank them for coming and making the distance.

DO make sure to set up a discount on your guests' rooms. With the reservation of a large block of rooms, most lodges are willing to take a discounted rate.

DO try to set up transportation for guests around the time of their booking.

DO make a list of entertainment options for your out of town guests. That way they have the ability to sight see when they are not busy with your nuptials.

DON'T try to make an itinerary for your guest, at least not for their every moment. You will make yourself crazy, and you may be cutting your guests short by not letting them decide what they want to do.

DO provide a scheduled activity, other than the wedding, for your guests to participate in. Cater it to their interests and what is available. See if there is a play of interest in a nearby playhouse; possibly get times/tickets for a local sporting event (Go Ducks!).

DO send a wedding announcement, at least, to close friends and relatives who you don't think will be able to make the distance. Although you may not choose to send them an invitation, sending an announcement lets them know that they are included in your marital union.

 source: liweddings