When planning for a perfect wedding, the wedding accessories can but just as important to keep in mind as the wedding dress: What jewelry are you going to wear? Should you choose a veil or a headpiece? One of the most important accessories to keep in mind, though, is the perfect bridal shoe.

Picking out your wedding shoes is tricky business, and definitely not as easy as walking into your favorite brand's retail store. Your wedding shoes have a very important job to attend to, which that is making sure that you wedding day goes off without a hitch, or a blister. You are going to spend most of your big day running around and never even thinking about sitting down. The wrong wedding shoes can lead to bridal pain and disaster!

When it's time to find your perfect shoe, make sure not to go it alone! One common bridal blunder is to buy a pretty looking shoe online and hoping that it will fit the bill. The trouble with buying them online is that you won't know if they fit or if they match your dress until you get everything together.

Your best bet is to go to an expert in the field, and let them guide you to your perfect shoe. All you need is a picture of your gown and they will help you find a shoe that will fit both your wedding dress and personality. Not every style of dress is going to match the same style of shoe. An attendant will help you select different styles to compliment your dress, without compromising the wedding style you've always dreamed of.

For the big day, you will probably want to pick out two different sets of shoes that will keep you moving all day long. A bridal professional will help you distinguish which shoes would be best for your formal ceremony, as well as which shoes will help you dance the night away! Those sparkly, sequin flip flops may have just the perfect touch of sass and class, but an expert may suggest that you save them for your reception. They will help you find a classy shoe that will help you feel glamorous walking down the aisle, as well as confident that your heels aren't going to be too high.

Your local boutique or salon will also be able to help you plan ahead with their special tricks of the trade. For example, as we approach the summer season we can look forward to many hot summer days and beautiful summer weddings! If you were to buy your perfect wedding shoes now, which fit like a glove, they will probably be too tight when your August wedding comes (due to feet and ankles swelling in summer heat). Your attendant will be able to help you pick out the right size and fit so that you won't have to fret.

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