With the warm weather approaching, so does the summer with its wedding season in tow! With long days filled with beaches, gardens, and vineyards; the summer time has so much potential for brides to take advantage of for their special day! The trick is not picking the perfect day (because most of them are perfect), but rather picking the perfect touches to make your summer wedding whimsical and unique. Although your wedding will always be uniquely you, every additional touch is going to make your event more memorable for everyone attending.

For warm day, and especially outdoor ceremonies in the summer sunshine, there are a couple cute, cooling ideas that you can mix and match to create your special touch. For your bridesmaids dresses, instead of going with traditional gowns, why not find a fabulous sundress with the color or pattern that best represents your wedding's theme. This will not only make your wedding party stand out, but it will encourage them to really shake it up and have fun in their light, airy dresses!

To keep with your bridesmaids' cool theme, why not replace their floral bouquets with paper parasols. Giving off the perfect amount of shade, parasols can also match the dresses you have picked for your bridal party or the weddings general theme.

Keeping all of your guests cool is a crucial part of a summer soiree. As a ceremony keepsake, have paper or wooden fans handed out to your guests as they arrive. These fans will be both chic and functional if your fabulous summer day ends up a little warmer than expected. You can also have your programs printed onto fans creating a unique 2-in-1 memento.

For your reception, greet guests with refreshing, chilly cocktails as they settle into your evening's event. Have servers pass out piña coladas, margaritas, and daiquiris to your guests (including virgin versions for those who can't or don't drink alcohol) to revive them from the summer's heat and revitalize them for the dance floor!

To further encourage your guests to get down a fun touch is a flip flop basket matching your theme and color scheme. Most everyone dresses to impress at weddings, including wearing the least comfortable shoes on the face of the earth just to look good for you! A flip flop basket is a fun way of rewarding them for their efforts, as well as guaranteeing a packing dance floor!

source: liweddings