In the wonderful world of weddings, the wedding guest is one of your top priorities when planning. You want to make sure everything is just right so that your guests will be talking about your affair for years to come. So what token are you going to send them home with, thanking them for taking part in your special day?

Favors are an important part of reception planning, because you want to make sure that your favor is going to be something that everybody loves. Although the sweet memory candles and personalized glasses are things that you and your closest may cherish forever, not all of your guests are going to share the same sentiment. Why not try an edible favor to woo everyone and ensure that none of your emotion is lost.

If you still want a favor to hold onto forever, but that most everyone can appreciate, why not going with personalized wine bottles? Whether full-sized or miniature, wine bottles can be adorned with your themes, wedding date, and names to create a lovely token of your most important affair. To go a step further there are vendors who will bring you in and let you make your own wine, putting even more heart and soul into your wedding favors.

Another fabulous favor is the personalized, fresh baked cookies. With the growing trend of small, specialty baking companies, being able to get cookies in any shape, theme, or color has become easier than ever before! If you're having an autumn or summer themed wedding, sea shells and leaves can be spread across your tables, adding to the décor, before heading home with your guests.

For a sophisticated flare, local fresh herbs and seeded vegetables can make a usefully chic takeaway. Whether self grown (if you have that green thumb) or from a nearby nursery, a small plant can easily make its way to your guests' windowsills and kitchens. They will symbolize the growth of love and fulfillment in your new, married life!

For a laid back and fun favor a candy buffet with personalized take-out containers may just be the trick! Don't be fooled, either: children are not the only guests who adore sweets. Non-matching, vintage jars filled with a delectable rainbow of sweets makes for a festive, interactive display for your reception.

Lastly, to be remembered long after your guests get home, try a recipe jar with your favorite simple cookie or cake. Usually recipe jars will contain all of the dry ingredients needed for your guests to make their simple treat, layered in an artsy design. Their attached tags then usually contains the directions and additional ingredients needed, wrapped in the theme and color scheme of your wedding.

source: liweddings