Now that you have the ring and you've said yes to the man of your dreams it's time to assemble the perfect team to plan the wedding of a lifetime! When you are choosing your bridal party you will really need to take your time and think all of your options through. The last thing you need is to end up at the altar overwhelmed by your party choices.

Decide the size of a party you honestly desire/need.
When it comes to your entourage, more isn't always merrier. Sometimes when you have a larger amount of girls to worry about, decisions become twice as difficult to make; if you want matching dresses, you need one that everyone agrees on. When it comes to setting up meeting, parties, and showers everyone needs to be available, and everyone needs to agree on a place and theme. If you want a small party, but have a large group of friends, don't be afraid you're going to hurt their feelings. Have a powwow to let everyone know what's going on in your head. They will understand your wishes, and still be more than willing to join in your planning festivities!

Remember that family will always be family, and it will always be important. If you have a sisters, or your fiancé does, remember it is usually a good idea to include her in your bridal party. You may not think it's important to you or them now, but you may wish someday that you had her standing by your side on your wedding day. If you're not the closest to a future sister-in-law maybe this is a great way to get to know her! As the old saying goes, "friends may come and go, but family is forever!" Use the prep for your special day to nurture those bonds that will be there for a lifetime!

Once you have decided on your party, let those people know ASAP! Send out your cute invitation requests or take your girls out for coffee to ask if they'll do you the honor.but do it as soon as you figure out who's in your group! That way you will give yourself, and them, plenty of time to get party responsibilities straight and enlist them to help you start planning away.

source: liweddings