In between signing contracts with all of your vendors and figuring out how to have the least agitating seating arrangement, you have to make sure the dress fits, make sure the limousine is going to show, that the bridesmaids are ready, and your hair color and cut are satisfactory for you big day. There is no wonder in why you're so stressed! Don't let wedding stress get the upper hand or your body could pay the price.

Stress can create the ever dreaded bridezilla. It can cause irritability, anxiety and anger. Stress can also cause your body physical harm and pain, though, too. It can be the root of muscle tension, headaches, back aches, jaw pain, stomach aches and heart burn, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and chest pain.

Weddings can take years to plan now-a-days, meaning your wedding stress may become a long-term problem. If you can't bring your stress level down, your chronic heartburn or high blood pressure can honestly do long-term damage.

Here are a couple of easy suggestions to help you de-stress after/during a long day of planning:

-Think positive-Don't worry about things you can't control
-Count to 10 (or 20!)-Makes you stop and take your mind off what is stressing you
-Listen to soothing music
-Eat well-balanced meals
-Get enough sleep

Here are some other suggestions to help brides relax and regain some sanity:

-Meditate-Many stress experts and counselors recommend some kind of meditation/ deep breathing exercise as a way of clearing out the stress. Spend a few minutes banishing your wedding day from your thoughts.

-Delegate-Don't take on too much all by yourself, know when you need to pass the buck on to a coordinator or your bridal party. That's what they're there for.

-Have a Spa Day-Treat yourself to a massage, pedicure or facial. If your wedding budget doesn't allow, have your own spa day by designating a day of "me-time" and taking a bubble bath.

-Read a Book-Pick up your favorite book or magazine and just get lost in if for a while. (Make sure it has nothing to do with weddings!)


source: LIWeddings