When planning out your wedding reception to be entertaining and appropriate for all of your guests, there is one group in particular that you'll need to keep in mind: the children who may be attending. Not all weddings will be appropriate for kids from the get go, and as the guest of honor you have the right to decide whether or not children will even be permitted at your affair. If you do decide to include children you should take their wants and needs into consideration during your planning.

Before you invite children to your wedding you will need to decide how predictable you need your wedding to be. If you need the total spotlight (which you deserve on the most important day of your life) or if you need everything to go exactly according to plan, you may not want to include kids on your guest list. Children are not only unpredictable, the constantly strive for attention (in a good way!). If you're content with that, your children guests may very well be the life of your party!

Whether you decide to include or not include children at your wedding you need to make sure to be very clear on your invitations. Don't feel guilty for including a blurb about "Adults Only" in your text; just make sure that it's there! Once you have made a decision you will probably want to make it across the board, as well. You may have a couple little ones in your wedding party that you're close to. To make sure not to hurt any of your guests' feelings, if you have an adults-only reception, even those little ones should have their own party with a sitter, either at home or your hotel.

Unlike ordinary wedding guests, children need considerable more attention and preparation to ensure that they get to enjoy your party, along with their family members. Do not expect them to be able to sit at an ordinary table with no other means of entertainment and remain low-key and behaved. A child's attention span is very short and needs to be catered to.

In your preparation, a child's table should be included for your miniature guests. With a specific, specialized table you'll be able to include child friendly decorations, activities and cuisine in one centralized location. At your kids table make sure to include plenty of activities, such as small toys, crayons and coloring books, etc, to keep the children entertained. It would also be a good idea to alter your centerpiece and decorations to a more fun, age appropriate version. Not only will this be more fun for the kids, but it will also ensure a little more safety for them.

When you do decide to include children in your wedding guests you may also decide to choose a sitter or two to man the kids table. If you have teenage relatives they may be perfect to fit the bill. By including a sitter you will give the parents and families of the children an opportunity to also enjoy your wedding.

 source: liweddings